Such a beautiful photograph of a beautiful place. I cannot wait to go back!

Oh, the Places We See . . .

Although the official date for Chinese New Year is February 10th this year, the gardeners, artists, and designers at Bellagio have been ready to ring in the Year of the Snake since . . . well, maybe since last year! It’s almost magical what they do in Vegas, at least in this grand atrium lobby where tourists from around the world gather to look and look again and then photograph the grand displays.

Traditional reds and yellows of Chinese New Year greet you in the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens: room settings of larger-than-life lanterns, firecrackers, and children dancing among beds of bromeliads.

And families stop to make pictures and take in the sights of money trees.


Six happy children wearing handmade outfits of fresh carnations and chrysanthemums dance in the garden.



And lovers of flowers revel in the rare, glorious bromeliads marked with botanical names.




Scenting the air are terra cotta urns…

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